Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet – absorb wealth


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In the body parts of the Pixiu, different colors will appear through different temperatures

  • Real green jade beads. Believed to attract luck and protection!
  • Color-changing Pixiu amulet. Used to invite money energy!
  • Jade and Pixiu combined. Said to prevent riches from leaving!

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Pixiu holds an important position in traditional Chinese culture. It is a divine beast and is regarded as a symbol of wealth and good luck.

Pixiu was the son of an ancient dragon king, and he had a very magical thing about himself. He had no place to excrete, which means that what he ate was always in and out, and his usual food was also some gold, silver, and jewelry.

People doing business in China are very fond of wearing jewelry about Pixiu, believing that it can bring them wealth


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